You can find a bunch of funny cats here that make you happy and stressless after going through a hard day. Just watch these funny cat gifs and let your sorrow go away!  

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This time instead of a new GIF, I would like to share with you a memory from my childhood: When I was 5-6 years old, I had a black cat that I loved most in the world. As vulnerable to birth as my twin and I, I had saved it, looked after it and grown it up, as my father had done for both of us: by making it drink milk by a syringe. I spoiled it a lot, gave it food, caressed it …. One day with my sister we played with the cat. We followed it everywhere. He went into a kind of covered pipeline and we prevented it from coming out by our feet, on both sides. After a few seconds it scratched me on the foot. It hurt too much, at the foot, and in the heart, but I learned something that day. Later I also learned that men were not so different from the cat.