You can find a bunch of funny cats here that make you happy and stressless after going through a hard day. Just watch these funny cat gifs and let your sorrow go away!  

Tom Cruise Cat

sportive cat coming in from the window like Tom Cruise

Bravo cat, look at it how it does to come back home from its escapade. (You know that cats love go out and discover the world and get partner, and it could be dangerous)

Video, enjoy!

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Concentration 2

kitten that trys to jump but fallsok! We understood that cats can jump, but it is not inherent! They have to learn. Look at this kitty that concentrate several seconds to prepare itself to jump and hop! It falls down instead of jump up.

Good job kitty


Let’s interpret the gesture of this cat: Preparing itself to hug someone, probably its owner who does a sign like if he wanted to take it in his arms, and such it is a cat it gape on the meantime :))

Cat eating some ice cream

cat eating ice cream

Funny cat standing up on its paws and eating Ice cream. Do you know the race of this kind of cat, slim with big ears. They are cute and very intelligent any way.


Cat playing with a kid

it’s a pleasure to have a funny cat at home, specially if you have a child. It can play with your kid. But pay attention! Cats are too serious when they play and if your child is too fragile it could be a little complicated 😀 This one is a Jacky Chan!