You can find a bunch of funny cats here that make you happy and stressless after going through a hard day. Just watch these funny cat gifs and let your sorrow go away!  

Video, enjoy!

New funny cat video compilation
Top of the funny cats’ video I found recently.
Cute cats playing, fighting, stealing. Silly cats doing cazy things. Funniest cats ever! It will make you laugh. It’s the “best of”!

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narcoleptic cat!

narcoleptic cat that falls asleep while playing

Funny narcoleptic cat that sleep while it is playing actively. It falls in its dreams. I say narcoleptic but I m joking. Obviously it’s a kitten and kittens needs to sleep to much. But it’s very funny that it fall asleep while it is playing like this! And I love personally this race of cat, beautiful color, player, cute, naughty, silly!

The lion king

sleepy cat hiding its eyes

Very cute cat making a nap. It stretches and hides its eyes with its paws to let it go on sleeping. So funny. It remember me The Lion King.